A friendly starting place for budding authors (and published authors, too!) 

Hi! I'm Candy Abbott, managing partner of Fruitbearer Publishing, LLC. 
My husband, Drew, and I began the company in July 1999. We are committed to high quality products and personalized service. Fruitbearer Publishing LLC works diligently to keep in step with the Spirit. 

When you come to Fruitbearer with your manuscript, you're approaching a "small press" where you will be able to interact with professional editors, artists,and designers who will walk you step-by-step through the publishing process. This is a cooperative venture between you (the author) and Fruitbearer (the publisher). Simply put, this is a cross between self-publishing and traditional publishing where you retain all the control but have none of the headaches. While Fruitbearer authors invest in pre-press expenses, they receive the lion's share of the profit without having to navigate the maze of publishing details and risks on their own. Fruitbearer authors also receive a royalty for sales generated by the distributor. This is especially important if you have a speaking ministry, outreach, or congregation eagerly awaiting your project.

The whole publishing industry is changing by leaps and bounds, and we're doing our best to keep abreast of the latest technology. Our goal is to convert our titles to e-books. With Print On Demand (POD) you can order as few as one book instead of having to print a thousand books at a time and load up your attic or garage. We offer nationwide--even worldwide--distribution and fulfillment. All our titles are listed on Amazon, and we include a website design/hosting service as part of our author package. Check us out!


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Fruitbearer: What Can I Do For You, Lord? . . . the book that began the journey that led to this publishing company.












Fruitbearer Publishing, L.L.C. started small but now has earned a respected name in the industry, and self-publishing has gained credibility over the years. But there are some dangers. Authors who self-publish without a commitment to excellence are vulnerable to paying big bucks for a shoddy product. Therefore, Fruitbearer encourages its clients to: 

What YOU can do as an author who wants to publish with Fruitbearer:

  • Learn. Attend writer’s conferences and study resources that will strengthen your knowledge of the craft.
  • Find mentors or writing coaches.
  • Participate in a critique group.
  • Part with your ego; heed editors’ advice. Professionals rewrite; amateurs cling to their words.
  • Count the cost. Publishing is an investment of both time and resources.
  • Develop a marketing plan; even traditional publishers provide only an initial PR thrust, and then you’re on your own.
  • Pray always, about everything—for God’s wisdom and guidance at every stage.

Does your manuscript have to be spiritual to be a Fruitbearer publication? No. But it must build up the reader and contain a meaningful message that does not conflict with the Scriptures.

Encouragement for Writers on the Delmarva Peninsula

If you live within driving distance of Georgetown, DE, we have an active critique group you may find helpful. Delmarva Christian Writers' Fellowship is a friendly group, with no membership fee, so don't be shy--we would give you a warm welcome the third Saturday of any month (except August). Please click the logo to visit our website for meeting time/location. 

GOLD PEN PROPHECY. This prophecy was given on November 24, 2003. If you are a Christian who writes, composes music, or publishes as God leads, this will encourage you to press on.

Just participated in "Road Less Published" BlogTalkRadio with Matt Senge. The program is packed full of good discussion for authors who are interested in self-publishing and marketing. Other guests who shared the broadcast with me were: Beth Hood from (Oh My Goodness); Tiffany Colter,; Greg Johnson, president of (agent); Andy Baldwin and Rhonda Buss from The program is an hour and a half, but it's good stuff. Take a listen if you have a chance.

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